Want fast data transfer? FTP-Stream is a hosted ftp data transfer platform that enables you to rapidly send and receive files across the world, while enjoying granular administration controls and adhering with global security standards.

Thanks to FTP-Stream, you can enjoy:

  • SFTP, FTP(S) or HTTP(S) access
  • Integrate with corporate identity
  • Full activity logs
  • Accelerated global file transfers

This solution is ideal for all kinds of companies. It helps fulfil critical processes including:

  • Sizeable data transfer – from small sensitive data files to huge challenging files
  • Rapid delivery & acquisition – fast local delivery to global distribution and the acquisition of data
  • Tailored sharing solutions – from simple email form-based file sharing to complex solutions
  • Simple system integration – automated workflows that integrate into your core system

Maytech only operate in the corporate space so we understand how important security and compliance are to you. It means everything we do is underpinned by this. We only use tier three data centres, and data is encrypted in transit with secure protocols and at rest using AES-256 bit encryption.

Why not watch our FTP-Stream video?
Maytech's FTP-Stream video


  • Optional Extras

    Four optional modules are available for our FTP-Stream file transfer service. On sign up or at any time you can add these options to provide additional functionality or security for your cloud file transfers.Read more

    • Automations
    • Enhanced Security which includes Encrypted Transfers and Extended Authentication
    • Video Streaming
    • Virus Checking
  • InstantShare

    Simple one step web-based secure file sharing with enterprise level controls empowering IT to enforce compliance, data protection and information security policies.Read more

What are the benefits?

For End Users For IT
  • Secure global ftp file sharing with no file size limits and accelerated regional delivery
  • Total integration with your brand identity. No third-party links or branding
  • Simple usability for front end users
  • Fast ftp file transfers
  • Flexible transfer options — FTP(S), SFTP or the user-friendly web portal
  • Administrative hierarchy enables delegation of roles and granular access controls
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting ensure full visibility and accountability
  • Compliant with global security standards including HIPAA and PCI