Secure File Sharing

Protect your data and know where it is stored.
Our secure file transfer products provide you with end to end encryption using HTTPS, SFTP or a unique browser based PGP module for highly confidential data. Data is stored in your chosen location in compliance with EU, US and international privacy policies and the service is compliant with international standards including HIPAA, PCI-DSS and EU Data Protection. Read more

Central Administration

Control company-wide cloud file sharing in one place.
Our secure file sharing sites allows for flexible service and scale, simultaneously promoting adherence to information security policies. You can enjoy granular end user control – meaning that you can create personalised access and operation policies for each user, with a full audit trail and reporting features available such as interactive logs and tracking. Read more


Retain your corporate identity and professional image.
When you use our secure file sharing products, there’s no third party branding or requirement for users to register on a third party platform to transfer data. Just simple integration into your website or in-house systems. Read more

Global Acceleration

Share large files fast from anywhere in the world – including to and from China.
With Maytech’s secure file transfer products there are no file size limits and transfer speeds over our uncongested network reach up to 40x faster than the public internet. Clients find us perfect for the distribution of large files (gigabytes or terabytes) and for secure data acquisition from a broad or global user base. Read more

Video sharing

Share video files with business partners worldwide.
Maytech has partnered with YouTube and Vimeo to integrate video streaming and instant video previews with no need to download. Play videos in a fully branded page creating a compelling platform for the distribution and acquisition of video content. Read more

World Class Customer Support

Working closely with you to maximise efficiencies.
Our dedicated account management team are always on hand with 24 / 7 support to guide you through your account set up and ensure you’re making the most of Maytech. Read more

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